Small Ruminant and Pig Care

At SVC, we are pleased to offer a variety of healthcare services for our small ruminant and porcine patients as well. This includes, but is not limited to: pigs, sheep, goats, llamas, and Alpacas. We are prepared to help your animals reach their fullest potential through customized care programs and various other services. Please contact our office for more information, or to schedule a farm visit.

Disease Treatments and Protocols – Our team of licensed veterinarians are ready to diagnose and treat any illness affecting your animals, as well as help you design a disease prevention program specific to your operation.

Emergency And Critical Care – Our clinic provides emergency services to our clients on a 24-hour basis, though our goal is to help you minimize emergency cases by teaching and instructing during routine visits to your operation. If you have a question about whether or not your animal should be seen after hours, please feel free to call our office, where you will be able to discuss your concerns with an on-call veterinarian.

Newborn Management – Our veterinarians would be happy to discuss a newborn management plan that best fits your farm. We will discuss with you about the proper time for dehorning, castration, and vaccinations, along with educating you to help you spot problems before they become emergencies.

Reproductive Services – We are pleased to offer a large repertoire of reproductive services such as diagnostic ultrasounds, laparoscopic AI, and semen testing to clients regardless of your herd or flock size.

Vaccinations & Deworming – Just as there is no true “one size fits all” there is no single deworming or vaccination program that fits all farms. Our veterinarians are eager to maximize your production and animals’ health with an individually-designed vaccination and deworming program featuring the latest products and protocols to address your herd’s needs.

Drop Ship Services – If you are in need of veterinary supplies or pharmaceuticals but lack the time get to town, we are happy to offer drop ship services for you. Our drop ship service is available to all of our regular clients (clients we have visited in the last twelve months). To take advantage of our drop ship services, simply call our office to place your order with one of our receptionists. We will continue to offer supplies and prescription medications both in the office and off of our veterinarians’ trucks as well.

Veterinary Feed Directive Services – In compliance with the FDA, a Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD), is now required in order to obtain all feed-grade antibiotics. We are happy to issue a VFD upon request. A veterinary/client relationship is required, in that we have made regular visits to your farm within the year.