Whitetail Deer

SVC offers a complete line of services dedicated to keep your deer farming operation on the cutting edge of the industry. We not only enjoy working with deer, but are extremely passionate about it. Our large animal veterinarians have received extensive training and education, and are ready to perform your regulatory testing. Please allow us to help you succeed in today’s cervid industry. Call our office for more information or to schedule a farm visit.

State Regulatory Testing – Our veterinarians are certified to take samples for Chronic Wasting Disease, Tuberculosis, and Brucellosis.

Fence Inspections – Deer farms are required to have a veterinarian inspect their fence on an annual basis. We are happy to visit your farm to help you comply with this regulation.

Artificial Insemination – Our specialized team is available to travel to your farm for a variety of reproductive services. Whether you are interested in cervical or laparoscopic insemination, we can provide you with the best chance at a successful pregnancy.

Semen Collection – We offer collection services of your buck for sexed or conventional semen. This can be used fresh, chilled or frozen for a later date.

Embryo Transfer – If you only have one doe and need as many offspring as you can get, allow us to super ovulate her and set multiple forums that will be revised by recipient does.

Portable Laboratory – One of the biggest risks has always been taking your deer to the hospital when a surgical procedure is needed. Now we can come to you!Our state-of-the-art portable whitetail lab allows us to perform sterile surgical procedures right at your farm.

Routine Vaccinations – Our veterinarians would be happy to design a vaccine program specifically for your farm based off of your previous farm history, as well as laboratory tests of diseased animals. Our autogenous deer vaccine is widely considered the most complete and preventive vaccine available for the cervid procedure.

Surgery – We are able to perform most soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries that may be required for your deer.

Fawn Care – Is your fawn crop not meeting your expectations for growth and disease prevention? Our veterinarians can consult with you as to why this is happening. Years of experience of working with deer has allowed us to aid you in monitoring the health of your fawn crop.

Education – Our veterinarians are always available to share our knowledge with you. Many of us have spoken at countless meetings to help educate deer farmers and veterinarians new to the industry. If you need a speaker for an event, please contact us. We are always happy to help.

Veterinary Feed Directive Services – In compliance with the FDA, a Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD), is now required in order to obtain all feed-grade antibiotics. We are happy to issue a VFD upon request. A veterinary/client relationship is required, in that we have made regular visits to your farm within the year.